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Found 1 result

  1. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location? My name is Abdullah. I'm 19 years old and currently living in Jeedah, saudi arabie. In my free time i'm mostly listening to some music, hanging with my friends, watching some tv shows or just playing some games on my pc. Tell us Your MTA Career? My in-game nick atm. Is Dantax I have started to play MTA in 2012 (February). My first server was FFS where Later i have moved to TG where i have started to play Shooter, i have also joined some teams there and met allot of players. In a short time i have found a clan named Black Hawk Down(^BHD#-) and decided to give it a try. After some time i was accepted and joined the first official clan in my career. I was in this clan for atleast 8 months, but later i decided to leave it due to some problems with the rest of the members. Shortly i have joined Lovers challenge [Lc'|] but because of the weak peformance in the cws it was closed (it was closed after 3 months when i joined). So i decided to join [DG] because a friend invited me there. It was a nice experience and we won a lot of clan wars. In about 1 month me and my friend decided to leave the clan because the clan was nonstop accepting some skilled players, Now i'm trying my luck with 4iM because i see it's not so easy to join this clan and i'm hoping it's much more organised than my previous clans. It's not that long untill i have started with MTA like the most players of the MTA community, and therefore i would really appreciate if i could get the chance to join Have you been in any other clans? ^BHD#!Black Hawk Down Lc'|Lovers challenge DG|Divinity Gamers Why do you want to join 4iR? Good Clan and Friendly members. Why you'd like to join 4iR? Good Players How do you rate your skills? SHOOTER) Wonderfully Thanks for reading, Dantax