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  1. Thanks bro
  2. Thanks guys u really makes me happy
  3. Thank u so much ..
  4. good luck guys .. and good luck for new version of |-nTL-| i always loved u guys .. good luck for both clans
  5. Thanks u bro .. <3 Thanks bro . either me hopes to join u guys ! Thank u bro .. Thanks , respect u
  6. and there is clan i joined called iES|Imperial Essence i forget to write it .. and iam sure that iam forget so many clans i joined .. whatever
  7. BaZoKa's Join Request [DM] ======================================================== What's your real name , Age , Hobbies , Nickname , Location: Hello everyone , My name is : Khaled Age : 16 years old Hobbies : Skating , Playing Football , Drawing and Gaming Nicknames : BaZo[K]a~! Location : Palestine - Gaza Tell us something about your MTA career: in the first i played Gta San then my friend told me about the online game for Gta San i was so exited to try this game because i didnt imagine there is any possiple way to play Gta San with other peoples it was so amazing for me .. i started playing Mta in 2011 , in the first time i joined drifting servers it was arabian server and it was for my friends in the next year (2012) i started the racing with some helping modes then i heard about clans and challenges and these stuff , i was so exited to join one of them , i get rejected in the first clan wich i try to join in because they need good players , and i was noob player so i started join training servers i joined /-TfF-\Training server i started with the noob maps like Flo 5 and Flo II and these maps to improve my skills , and thanks god i could improve my skills in short time and pass almost difficult maps and i improve my hunter skills too and its so good , my friend was interested about making race clan .. i helped him to make one and he name it [vS]various Shadow . and i was the web developer and co founder we was noob clan but we get so many players we didnt care for player's skills because we was noob .. then my friend close the clan and re open it after month with different name i dont remember the name but it was noob too , my other friend create clan called -[GR]-GhostRace it wasn't noob and it wasn't pro i think u can say it was in the middle it was good clan but they close the clan and open a server called GhostRace but no clan , in 2013 i joined ~Hg//Hell gamers and it was the best clan i ever joined i had so fun in it .. i stayed with them for almost 5 months then they closed the clan and re open it after days and i back to them after they close clan for the last time i joined 05//omnidirectionalFive then they close the clan and i joined #MvP!Most valuable Players after this they closed the clan then i joined iEG|EliteGamers but they close the clan too then i joined 5s|FiveSkills it was new clan but they close it for some reson too fast .. (so this is my mta career i hope u like it) Have you been in other clans? reasons why you left them: [vS]various Shadow : CLOSED -[GR]- GhostRace : CLOSED ~Hg//Hell gamers : CLOSED 05//omnidirectionalFive : CLOSED #MvP!Most valuable Players : CLOSED iEG|Elite Gamers : CLOSED 5s|Five Skills : CLOSED Tell us why you wanna become a part of our family: iam looking for a new clan and i think you are the best choice for player like me because u have nice players and nice admins with the best community What can you do for our community?: Help with the web developing and ill be the wining card in the clanwars i will be so helpful in the clanwars i would do anything for u guys ^_* Rate your skills with WFF & DM & Hunter: WFF : i dont really know the correct meaning for this gamemode so i think ill pass it because i cane give u the best rate for this DM : 7/10 i love no lifer maps in DM , i love to play these maps <3 Hunter : 8/10 i had to play in Old School servers its so nice gamemode What is your expectations in 4iM? i think iam gonna be the right hand for 4iM at everything because i love help other ppl and ill be the perfect player ^_* How could you be helpful for us? ill prove how much iam helpful at the clan wars and if /4iM\Website need anything ill help with editing it How we can contact you? (Skype,Discord) Skype : khalid.mta1 Discord : KhaleDxD#2516 (i dont use it too much) Thanks for reading my Join request i hope u like it