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  2. For know I DM player
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  6. What's your real name , Age , Hobbies , Nickname , Location: My real name is Amer I from isreal in (Shafa-Amr) I have 15 years old my hobbie is the football when I was 10 years old I was go with my friends for play in the ground it was only in Friday and Sunday. Tell us something about your MTA career: I started play MTA in 2010 I was play Race and then in 2012 I start play in FFS Gaming it was very funny when I was play I just create new frineds and play with us I was love the DeathMatch and then I joined in clans and now I nice player in DM and in Hunter. Have you been in other clans? reasons why you left them: [2RT] 2paq Racing Team I Left because the clan was noob clan. nG// National Gamers The members never was active it just was inactive -nL- No Limit I left but idk the reason why I left Tell us why you wanna become a part of our family: Because I love the members in the clan and just for fun. What can you do for our community?: I can help in our community in the clanwars and I can help the new players. Rate your skills with WFF & DM & Hunter: My skills in WFF & DM is 9/10 and in Hunter 8/10 What is your expectations in 4iM? I will be a nice player in 4iM clan. How could you be helpful for us? I can help in the server for do some things new. How we can contact you? (Skype,Discord) I don't have Skype or Discord you just can contact me from the servers like ffs and XpR and other DM servers.