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  6. What's your real name , Age , Hobbies , Nickname , Location: My real name is Abdullah, Age: 17, Hobbies: To be a famous football player, nickname : *settings , Location : United Arab Emirates Tell us something about your MTA career: I have been played mta for 5 years my first game mode was freeroam i played freeroam for like 1 year then I found the shooter game mode and it was my favorite i was playing in mx gaming server it was my first server for that game mode, then I found ffs gaming i played ffs since 2015 i have a lot of somethings to say Have you been in other clans? reasons why you left them: Lc'| Lovers challenges i didnt left the clan [closed] , Mx gaming I left because i left MTA at this time i was busy with my school and those kinds of stuff Tell us why you wanna become a part of our family: because I need to play with a good team and skilled people, and I would like to play with my friends and development the clan .... What can you do for our community?: I can offer my skills to this clan and help the clan in clan wars etc... Rate your skills with WFF & DM & Hunter: actually, I'm a shooter player and i rate my skills 7/10 What is your expectations in 4iM? idk How could you be helpful for us? I can take responsibility in case of loss or win in clan wars and do my best at the clan wars How we can contact you? (Skype,Discord) -