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  1. thx bro
  2. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location? My name is Emad saadi the player used to call me Tazz and I am 16 y/o from Israel Araba Tell us Your MTA Career? I have start playing since 2014 in Freeroom servers like [ASUS] I have played on that server about 5 months I had too much fun on ASUS but I decide to find new server to play on i was searching for FreeRoom servers then my cousin told me about [WANSHTIME] server I had played on that server about 2-3 months but for personal resoans i decide to search about something than freeroom i Got bored from the searching about server so I have been inactive for few weeks then i have to came back to MTA . now I am 3R player since 2014 or 2015 i can't remember Have you been in any other clans? 3R//3liteRaces//Shooter 3R//3liteRacers//FDD and other clans you wont know it because its in 3R server Why do you want to join 4iM? I want to Join 4iM because I want to be in the same Clan with my best friend TroyBo! and I think I can help your clan in many thing Why you'd like to join 4iM? I think its very Good clan and with Good members and I like to join like this clans How do you rate your skills? (DM and WFF) DM - 7.5/10 Hunter - 8/ 10 Additional Information: Skype: Live:emad.saa.210 I hope you enjoy my JR