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  1. Add [SH] if u want to be in Shooter section, [DD] if in Destruction Derby, [DM] or [WFF] if u want to be in Deatmatch or WFF Ex-Members can apply anytime, if they are still welcome! If you get declined you may try it again after 3 days. Your application will be declined if it's not like the example! If you get ACCEPTED you'll have a Trial Period of 2 week. In these 2 week you have to be active and behave well. Any sort of mistakes is punished with KICK in this period If you get DECLINED you'll have to wait 3 days before being able to make another Join Request to us. Join Request Format What's your real name , Age , Hobbies , Nickname , Location: Tell us something about your MTA career: Have you been in other clans? reasons why you left them: Tell us why you wanna become a part of our family: What can you do for our community?: Rate your skills with WFF & DM & Hunter: What is your expectations in 4iM? How could you be helpful for us? How we can contact you? (Skype,Discord) Thanks for being interested to join us! we wish you guys alot of goodlucks in your join request!!! Kind regards, Administration of ''For Incredible Motion'' <3.