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  1. 1) Your nickname(s), age and location: Dreamer/20/Turkey2) Contact (prefer Skype): altar.sbnclar3) When you are able to play: Just Weekends
  2. We don't have Shooter Team Anymore. Denied.
  3. We don't have Shooter Team Anymore. Denied.
  4. We won't make any clanwars for now.
  5. We won't make any clanwars fow now.
  6. Accepted As Trial. Feel free to use our Tag. Welcome mate
  7. Nice Jr,Good Luck
  8. It is nice News,We're going to be better Day by Day
  9. YES FOR SURE Do you wanna be Leon ?
  10. Finished as 11-10 for 4iM,It was Good Game.
  11. Good Luck
  12. Good Luck
  13. Accepted As Trial. Welcome brother,Have fun with us !
  14. Closed As he wish.
  15. Accepted,As Trial. Welcome to our family brother
  16. Good Luck Brother
  17. Welcome brother,Have a nice time in here!
  18. Nice Jr,Liked it. Good Luck
  19. Good Luck
  20. Good Luck
  21. Good Luck
  22. Good Luck
  23. Accepted. As Trial,Welcome to our family Have fun with us.
  24. Good Luck mate
  25. Congratz guys,Have Fun!