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  1. You don't need to lie. Btw we merged with mP' soooo.... Good luck
  2. Hey dear For Incredible Community! As you know we started about our new tournament called MGMT. There are some informations about it: 1) MGMT = Multigamemode Tour 2) We're playing 20 maps: 4 maps DD, 4 maps DM, 4 maps DM WFF, 4 Oldschool WFF, 4 maps Shooter 3) Points will be given similar to WFF with one change: 4;3;2;1;1 4) There is no rewards - it's just for fun. As you see a lot of maps are not given. But don't worry we will complete this! If you want any map in maplist contact with me. REGISTRATION FORM: Server and other informations will be given as soon as it's possible. Now feel free to register and If you have any question just ask me on pm - I'll try to reply you. Here is my skype if it's needed: bananus1121 Best regards, REKSQUE.
  3. Hey @xiRace As we see you cannot speak proper. Your request is closed, try next time.
  4. ???
  5. Your request is DECLINED. You didn't fix your application. Best regards, REKSQUE.
  6. Hey @Bakr Your join request isn't enough for accept. In section "Mta Career" you should write about your career, not what you can play. "How could you be helpful for us? yes ." I guess you aren't speak a proper english. Edit your request in 24 hours. Good luck.
  7. We are looking for: 1) Friendly and skilled people 2) You should be loyal too - we don't looking someone who leave us in 3 days 3) You should know a proper english 4) We're looking graphic / modder / scripter too. So if you are feel free to write application.
  8. Hey dear For Incredible Motion Community! It's time to say - /4iM\ is back. For now I didn't recruting anyone I'm just looking for loyal person so if you are feel free to write request. For now I'm the only one founder of this clan. It's time to say one more thing - we're back with another tournament called MGMT - Multigamemode Tour! It's similar to "Muli talented Tour". More informations you can find >.HERE.< It's all for today, wish us best of luck! Best regards, REKSQUE.
  9. Guys if u wanna talk go to pm and stop spamming.
  10. really nice request, hope u join us!
  11. im wet
  12. Hi dear Incredible Community! As you know we played clanwar yesterday against Saints. Fortunelly we won this and it's our first DM win in clan history, we are proud so much! A big thanks goes to @Echelon. who was our head player and MVP of clanwar. I wanna thanks to the others who played this clanwar I mean: @XDEREX, @Dreamer, @Dantax, @Azooz, @Rush#, @SharkkZ, @Dilow It was really nice cw, without fights etc.. Finally ended with score 11-10 for our team. Now something about promotions: Welcome our new trial - @Kube. I know him from other clans and I'm sure he won't dissapoint our team. Good luck Kube do your best for clan! Say welcome to our new WFF Manager - @Dilow. He is our head WFF Player so we decided to give him this position. Dilow is loyal member so I hope he will do his job very well. Don't forget about our trials - they got promotions to full member! Congratulations to: @Rush# - played really nice clanwar, hope you'll do it again! @Echelon. - our hunter beast! @damndoom - really friendly member, love to play with him! @Masterpiece - amazing designs!
  13. no hahha joke Are you pussy?
  14. lol!! Really awesome but our colorcode =123456
  15. DATE OF THE CW: 7/10/2017 MAPS: /4iM\: * [DM] Azooz - Impossible * [DM] Gteatero - Dark Inception IV * [DM] ZeAN - Singularity * [DM] Cookie ft. Corrupt - Inner Fury II * [DM] Spectrum vol. 4 St.: * [DM] Exoria v1 - Think Twice * [DM] Tomas ft. Gerc ft. Gteatero ft. Facuuzz - Gradually II * [DM] Moonlight v9 - The Fellowship * [DM] Cookie ft. ConTroL ft. Skaarj - Artwork II * [DM] KickEr vol.4 - Beyond The City Good luck to both teams, hope it will be nice clanwar!
  16. Welcome @Shin! I hope you'll stay with us!
  17. Such an amazing request! I wish you best of luck and I hope you'll join us soon! <3
  18. Saw you in tff. Best of luck!
  19. Hey! Your request is accepted, contact with me via skype: bananus1121
  20. Tell us more how can you be helpful for team. Try it again. #DENIED
  21. Hey @Rush# After voting we decided to give you trial position. Welcome in our team! #ACCEPTED
  22. Copied from @TroyBo!005 JR. Insta denied.