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    1) What's your real name , Age , Hobbies , Nickname , Location: My real name is, Alin, and I’m currently 18 years old, from Romania and living in Greece, Santorini. I see MTA as a way to escape from reality, and allow me to keep myself busy. I like to spend most of my time on games, being around people I can trust, and help me forget about my real life problems, such as my past. I really enjoy listening to music while I am not playing MTA, as it helps me also take off my mind off things, and is quite stress relieving. I used to enjoy playing football when I was 9 years old, but stopped due to laziness, which made me get into a really bad habit of smoking, drinking making me pull away from some of my favourite sports. I can be lazy sometimes, but I am quite dedicated in what I do, if I get a set tasks, I complete them to their deadline, as well see myself as a strong leader. Also I'm a big Anime lover as well as enjoy, old school rap such as, 2Pac, N.W.A, but I do listen to different genres of music, as it links to type of person I am, and makes me feel connected with the singer. 2) Tell us something about your MTA career: My MTA Career, initially started in 2013-2014 - - First I started as a simple MTA DayZ player. Some friends of mine that I met on MTA, told me about this game, the enthusiasm and enjoyment it brings, so I decided to give it a try, and I'm very happy that I tried it. As the gamemode dropped in popularity, playbases in the big servers dropped rapidly, which wanted me to try something new. After, I found Race Gamemode, more specific, I found the 3R Server, also known as 3lite Racers. Like everybody else, I didn't have a clue what I was doing, so a friend of mine, named "Marios" in-game, taught me Shooter, the basics, which allowed me to work my way up. After a lot of training and dedication with Shooter, I believed I was ready to make an application for the 3R FDD Squad, and of course, I did and got accepted. The leader decided to leave 3R, named as pApi, and made me Leader of 3R's FDD Squad, which is where I learnt how to run a proper squad, allowed me gain more knowledge as well as improve on my leadership skills. Later I decided to leave 3R, due to people seeking for "power" instead of a friendly environment for the players, which wasn't the type of game I wanted to provide people with, making me leave. - Seeking for something new, I came in luck, and found Twisted Gamers, and that's where I first met MvP - Most Valuable Players; I met a member named, "Mazda", already knowing this player from 3lite Racers, made me want to try and apply for the clan, but I'd been declined. I didn't give up right there, and I did it as a 'MUST' to apply for this clan, not making me give up and I had happily been accepted into the new family. I was very active in the clan for a while, and was later pronounced to be a Clanwar Manager which had me surprised. However, sadly the clan slowly started to die leading to everyone leaving.From here on forth, I started my solo career, as a DM player, learning from top to bottom, basics to advance making me want to play DM in every server, to allow me to get used to the different types of DM's that exist out there in MTA, until I was fully used to it, and better than 'good'. - I saw, MTA was becoming a bad habit of mine as I spend most of my life playing it, so I decided to go apply for a part time job, and I thought I wouldn’t have much time to play, due to hayearing the job program would be scattered over the weekds, therefore not giving me enough time to play with MTA and keeping me busy. I contacted the leaders to leave them a notice, to allow me to leave the following clan - Nothing To Lose. - Finally, now I’ve found myself some time to actually play MTA again, and be semi-active, I’m here as much as I can be. After a week, I decided to make a join request for Saints Gaming, a week after I made my join request, and they accepted me. But the clan was pretty inactive, I don't want to get anyone from Saints mad, but it's true, joining a clan, it's about having fun, of course if you exclude the hard work you have to do for this clan, but still, I didn't have that much fun, and they didn't want me to do any work, so I decided to leave. - Few months later, 2 friends of mine had the idea to create a new clan, so we decided to name it Fuck the World aka F#. As time was passing, I was loosing my passion for MTA, and I decided to retire. Then happily I came back ( realized that It's hard to leave this game) and met FoXX, and there's where a new stage of my career started. I actually made a join request for them, and a month later, had the chance to join them. A month later, problems appeard, as when I joined FoXX, I expected a great atmosphere, and the feeling of having a place in it, it wasn't like that, as one of their members, I wont mention his name because it ain't right, actually made me feel useless, made me feel that I don't really belong there. For almost a week or even more, he was "abusing" me if I can say that. So at some point, I got tired of that. And decided to leave. 3) Have you been in other clans? reasons why you left them: 1) 3R - 3lite Racers The reason I left this clan was due to immaturity, if I was truly honest. I don’t want any hate against me, but it’s the truth that most accept. I realized soon, that this community isn’t an environment where I can expand my skills, or improve. As well as, what makes a good community, therefore I left. 2) #MvP - #Most valuable Players Most players already know what happened to the clan – Most Valuable Players. Just to summarize briefly, it was owned by two leaders called – MadniX and KingPierre. At a sudden reaction, Pierre decides to leave one day, therefore leaving the clan unstable and unbalanced. He decided to put up an excuse of him studying, but suddenly making a new clan out of nowhere. Therefore, it lead to do the death of MvP because one of the leaders disobeyed the clan, and it’s loyal members. 3) nTL - Nothing to Lose I left this clan, due to reasons in real life. I found myself a part-time job, and I thought I wouldn’t have much time to play, due to hearing the job program would be scattered over the weekdays, therefore not giving me enough time to play with MTA. I contacted the leaders to leave them a notice, to allow me to leave. But now I’ve found myself some time to actually play MTA again, and be semi-active, I’m here as much as I can be. 4) St. - Saints Gaming Well, the reason I left this clan, is simple, and you might call me a clanhopper, unloyal etc. But since I joined, nothing has changed, whole clan was inactive, from Skype/Whatsapp chat, to MTA. I might be wrong, but i'm saying from my own view. So I decided that being a member of Saints Gaming, will be the same as being a solo player. This game is about having fun, and a great gaming experience, thing that I didn't have being a Saint member. 5) F# - FTW Gaming / F*ck the world The reason I left this clan was because I was about to retire. I lost my passion for MTA, until I made an introduction here, and there, I mentioned that I'm a graphic designer, then a guy known as VonDusky wanted to see some of my works, so I contacted him, after we had a conversation about my situation, he actually made me find my way back in MTA, he actually helped my situation a lot, and I'm grateful that I met him. 6) [FoXX] - Force out Xtreme The reasons I left this clan, are simple. No offense to leaders, but the clan was pretty inactive, also one of their members (don't really wanna state his name), everytime he had the chance, was trying to attack me or atleast he wanted to make me feel useless. Couldn't handle it, so I left. 4) Tell us why you wanna become a part of our family: Well, as I've been clanless for a while now, got bored of playing solo, not being able to help anyone, and just waste my time, that's why I would like to be a part of this clan, so I can help around here with different things I'm able to. 5) What can you do for our community?: I'd check and verify if everyone is following the correct rules and regulations, in order to create a professional, happy environment, and by making this sure allows everyone to have a happy stay, play happily, and be positive. Also, I’m a learning Graphic Design, and by being quite skilled in different gamemodes, it allows me to bring in these skills, as well as Communication Skills, which can possible help the clan internally and externally. I can help other people if they’re new to the clan, to make sure they're doing the right things as a Trial Member, in order for them to successful advance and get promoted the right way. As well as, bring in professionalism, strict and fair gameplay between players. I believe that everyone is skilled in their own ways. I wouldn’t call myself professional, but I believe I am skilled, improving and try to be perfect. Lastly, I do my best and attempt whatever comes my way, so I’d like to learn more, attempt difficult tasks, and see where I’m going wrong, which allows me to learn from my mistakes. Also, through many years of playing, I achieved to get some Web Developing skills, of course not at a high level, but I guess I'm doing well enough. 6) Rate your skills with WFF & DM & Hunter: Well, everyone is skilled in their own way, but I would say: WFF: 6/10 DM: 7/10 Hunter: 5/10 7) What is your expectations in 4iM? Well, I expect 4iM to be a well organized and motivated clan. I expect the members to be kind, helpfull and full of joy. I also expect a place where I can easily express myself, a place where I can easily share my opinion, without being judged or being criticized. 8) How could you be helpful for us? I guess the answer is the same as the question above ( "What can you do for our community" ) 9) How we can contact you? (Skype,Discord) I mostly use Skype, so here it is: alin.marciuc1998@gmail.com
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    Hello everyone ! I'm DOOM but I go by doom or whatever version of that really ... everyone knows me where I'm from so it's never a big deal. :] uhh well I have known Dreamer<~ for a little bit now, great player, funny guy etc etc. He told me to come here and sign up, nice forums guys (y) Well I played SKC race when I first started MTA in 2009, I migrated to DD then to DM. Im pretty damn good in all, but best in DM. But not as good as torene hehe I was in the SKC clan for a long time but it just wasn't working out .. so I ended up leaving a few months ago. yeah. I make maps DD and DM. long story short I'm from the glorious state of Alabama (lol jokes inc), my name is Hugh, and I'm almost 22 in December. Let's meet on the server DOOM
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    What's your real name , Age , Hobbies , Nickname , Location: My name is Hugh, and I am 21 years old. I am from Alabama, USA. I am known as DOOM. Tell us something about your MTA career: When I was 12 I got a computer, I went to the store and bought my favorite game for playstation 2, GTA: SA. Instantly loved it, but of course had already beaten it time and time again so I found the online mod SAMP. SAMP is trash to me so luckily I found MTA, and I never went back since. I joined the server EPG first, playing with old friends Cat and Aneta, learning to control my drift and flip my car. I also learned to love DD and Race, playing on Ownage Owls for a long time before it closed. After maybe 3 months of MTA I joined the SKC server, and young me fell in love with MTA. I trialed in ~2011 and had a few breaks. I left around 3 months ago because of rising tensions between myself and 3 newly invited members, and eventually left after much debate. I am a completely loyal person, so it kinda was a difficult transition. I would say about 90% of SKC is inactive, and most of my friends from older years only active on the forums, so it was a must. Nevertheless it taught me many things and made me respect many things about this game, and gave me much experience having to baby-sit nabs with /qblow Have you been in other clans? [SKC] - Sofa King Cool Reasons why you left them: Became toxic with the new members, and older members being inactive. Rules were not being enforced properly. Tell us why you wanna become a part of our family: Dreamer is the coolest guy ever What can you do for our community?: I'm an experienced player with many years of DD/DM/Race experience under my belt, along with moderating servers. I am not a pro mapper by any means, but a lot of people love my maps and I have over 15 published on the SKC server, newschool DM and DD. Rate your skills with WFF & DM & Hunter: WFF maps ~> some I know some I don't I have to train these. I'm a well rounded DM player though. 7.5 on hunter (I play first person :}) What is your expectations in 4iM? To show me respect and love back while I show you all the same. How could you be helpful for us? I'm a very creative person with a background in tattooing and aerosol/graphic art, so maybe I could help in some way. In all others, I will help in any way I can. How we can contact you? (Skype,Discord) Discord: damn.doom.&#9420 or PM on here for facebook or in general. DOOM
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    Nice Jr,Liked it. Good Luck
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    Such an amazing request! I wish you best of luck and I hope you'll join us soon! <3
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    I'd like to close it if possible, sorry for the trouble. Greetings.
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    Welcome brother,Have a nice time in here!
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