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    Hello, Wat's your real name , Age , Hobbies , Nickname , Location: My real name is Nicolae,im 15 years old,im playin' football and im from Republic Of Moldova. Tell us something about your MTA career: I started playing in the MTA *Multi Theft Auto* since 2013.At the beginning i played on Shooter/RPG servers.Then i started to play Dm and the first server i joined was 3R *3lite Racers*.I met amazin people there who were helpful.Sometimes i've played on other servers (rare) Have you been in other clans? reasons why you left them: 3R//3lite Racers (twice) (first time i was kicked for insult,and 2nd time i was kicked for lying and other shits..) FZ//Furiouz Gaming(closed) xE//xTreme Elumination(closed) D4MN//Die 4 Me Noob(closed) rP//Red Project (kicked,problems with my leader) Tell us why you wanna become a part of our family?: 4iM is my favorite clan,It was here I met many interesting people.I want to help 4iM as before,and i hope that together we can do a lot.I still fell bad for that reason,but my friend said : Do not give up!!i want to become a part of the family,which is 4iM.It all started here..I learned English slowly (what was once impossible) I have good memories of 4iM and i never want to foget that feeling. What can you do for our community?: Well,I realized that's this community doesn't have enough DM members,So I decided to join this community,And will try to make this squad growp up as much as i can. Rate your skills with WFF & DM & Hunter: DM 8.50/10 How could you be helpful for us? I can play in CW's (when 4iM has them).I have experience and I have knowledge about mapping and ....scripting(a little) How we can contact you? (Skype,Discord) skype : alexandru.ermurache1 discord: Nicolae#1000
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