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For Incredible Motion Rules & Regulations

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Don't Abuse Your Rights (If others are not fine with it)

1.Minor - Will be warned, if persist > rights will be revoked for a week and will consequently lead to a kick from the squad (your leaders decides)

2.Medium/High - Leader of your designated squad will decide to what consequence to give you however your rights will be revoked for a week and increases, if persist again.

Don't Abuse Your Rights To Win

Using rights to get tt1 on DM/ win map (rights will be revoked and leaders decides his/her punishment).

Don't Set Yourself / Anyone To A Team.

1.Set Team rights was given to disscus some1 privately on team.

2.If you set yourself / anyone to a team,your rights will be revoked for a day (increases if repeated).

Don't Kick/Mute/Ban/Blow to A rP membr without any reason.

1.Abusing yours rights over 4iM member u will lead to immediate rights revoke for a week or move. However can be reduced, if rP member is settled with the victim.

2.If you show attitude after your rights are revoked, this may lead to a higher duration without rights or a kick from the squad(leader decides)

3.If a 4iM member offends you, don't avenge him with your rights. Click here to Report An Admin

Avoid General Insult (Family / Religion)

1. Insult is highly punished and will be discussed with founders and designated leader for an appropriate decision.

2. If Founder / Leader insults, @REKSQUE will disscuss with them.


Don't Remove (4iM) Tag unless you're out of the clan.

1. Will result revoke of your rights for 3 days however excused first time and will be warned.

2. Still persists are warning will lead either kick or longer duration without rights.

Don't let others to have your login info.

1. Giving others (friends / relatives) will be warned at first.However if the person who uses your account abuses  rights over rP member will have an equivalent punishment as rule number 1 to you and not to the person.

2. Can be excused, if have a legitimate reason or if your account has been hacked.

Respect One Another (Even if you're leader / founder / member / trial)

Noone is superios over anothers,if you're leader / founder / member / trial don't show your bossy behavior towards your team or other 4iM squads. Can lead to demotion or a kick from the squad (leader decides).

If there's two co-leader on same squad.

Should be in equal terms and have decent behavior with each other otherwise leads demotion or replacement by leader or by @REKSQUE

Avoid using cheats / Hacks to float from water.

Will be warned first. If repeated,than a kick from the team and immediate ban.

Avoid Multi-Clan

Will be kicked from team immediately. Speak to your leader before you put another tag for CW(Clan-War) or FW(Fun-War).

Muting Players

Make sure you take a SS before you mute or kick anyone

If not , your rights will be revoked without duration until you earn you trust bak.

This is for all 4iM Members.

Leaders and Members.

Kind regards,

4iM Management Team.

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